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Enjoy Free Video PokerAs the online world moves forwards many things we once only thought of as tangible, real-world things, have become virtual. Online video poker is the latest and greatest convert from reality. Since moving into the virtual world, video poker has become accessible to a great number of people who would otherwise never have a chance to play outside of their visits to the casino.

But does online video poker offer any advantages over going to the casino? Some experts think so. The general aspects of playing your games outside of the casino are many and important. Everyone notices the obvious ways in which casinos try to distract their players, but it's the ones you don't notice that add up to hurting your wallet. The pertinent point being that playing at home relieves you of these things. From a complete lack of clocks and windows, to disorienting mirror placement (making you sit down, and look ahead), to free alcohol, to oxygen soaked air, you're being set up.

Besides the physical relief that online video poker brings its players, there are some definitive cash based reasons to consider the virtual option too. Online casinos operate a little differently than the Vegas ones we're used to. In Vegas and many other gambling destinations, you join a slots club and keep track of your play to earn 'comps' or complimentary offerings from the casino. These include things like free rooms, meals, or entertainment. What's more, in Vegas the comps are all geared towards keeping you in or near the casino floor. Online of course, it's not so easy to comp a player this way. In the end, the only reasonable thing for an online casino to do is offer us cash.

We don't mind. You can increase your bankroll playing online video poker at the right places with a 'sign-up' bonus. These often take your deposit and double it, up to a certain amount of course. A sharp video poker player will see the immense amount of value this holds. Think of how your chances change if your bankroll is doubled, and you have twice the time to play, and twice the number of hands that you'd usually play for your dollar. This is quite an attractive incentive for many players, and it's turning many a junkie, into an online video poker junkie.

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