Fun, Free, Video Poker Downloads

Enjoy Free Video PokerThese free downloads are for those of you who can't play online games, such as our own free, outstanding video poker game. If you need to download and go, try one of the listings below. If you want to play for real money, visit our online free and real play page.

Pro Video Poker 2.6 | Download Here
Windows 3.x
Author: Bitwise Software
The author says: Professional Video Poker for Windows is a casino-style game in which users can choose from more than 20 games including Dueces Wild, Jokers Wild, regular progressive jackpots, double-or-nothing games, and more. You have complete control over 50 card-dealing special effects. This release includes card animation, customized payoffs, complete stats, save/restore games, set cards, and digital sound.

Turbo Video Poker (32-bit) | Download Here
Shareware | Windows 95
Author: Jim Tolliver
The author says: Turbo Video Poker is a video poker machine simuation that is easy to use. Unlike your traditional video poker machines, it also tracks your statistics and graphs your winning percentage. You can keep track of how much you win and and see statistics of winning vs. losing.

Ave Maria Poker 2.01 | Download Here
Shareware | Windows 98/NT
Author: Maria Volkova
The author says: Ave Maria Poker is a free video poker download. This shareware version features eight levels with normal and joker-challenged games. It has international language support and will keep full statistics and logs of your games. You can choose your speed and opt to show the probabilities of winning. The program also allows you to save and open your games. This version includes a minimize to tray option, keyboard playing, cheat codes, big/small cards, music and sound, and a new interface. Registration costs $24.85.

Cobjacks 1.0 | Download Here
FreeWare | Windows 98/NT
Author: Luis Cobain
The author says: Cobjacks is a version of the popular game Jacks or Better. It is a free video poker download that runs in a full-screen display and contains sounds and music that you can configure. The game saves your results and configuration. You can borrow a credit if you need to. The game includes a "Boss" button for when you are playing on the job.